Code of Ethics

Cecchetti USA teachers uphold the following code of ethics:

1) Professional ethics require that members do not denigrate Cecchetti USA or the Cecchetti  Method.  Members are expected to uphold fellow members and in no way criticize their manner or method of teaching.

2) No member shall publish or cause to publish any notice, advertisement or other matter  likely to derogate from the dignity or standing of the profession or to damage or  depreciate the  standing or reputation of any colleague.

3) It should be understood that no member of Cecchetti USA would directly or indirectly, either by letter or telephone or visitation endeavor to obtain another member’s pupil.

4) No member shall solicit engagement at a school or similar establishment in an attempt to replace another member who is already employed by that establishment.

5) Members are required to uphold professional ethics regarding the acceptance of new  students who are currently still studying with another member teacher.

6) It is common courtesy for a member who is soliciting a third party for a teaching position, to inform the member for whom the third party is employed.  Likewise, a member who is being solicited by a third party should inform their current employer.

7)  It is common courtesy for a student who wishes to commence teaching independently, while still studying with a member teacher, to obtain his/her teacher’s permission.

8) It is imperative that members practice discretion regarding any confidential matters discussed at meetings.

9) A breach of professional etiquette will render a member liable to suspension or  expulsion from the organization as laid down in Article VI, Section 3, of the Cecchetti USA by-laws.

It is essential when transporting or entertaining Examiners that no mention of the examination should take place.

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