Testamonials from Professional Dancers

Corina Gill

“The Cecchetti USA method training I received as a student helped to prepare me for my professional career in a significant way.  Because I had a firm foundation of this pure, classical technique, I was able to later move through several different styles and techniques much more fluidly.  It was a valuable foundation that helped shape me into a professional dancer.”  ~Corina Gill, Boston Ballet  (RIC)


Martha Leebolt

“I actually didn’t start serious training until I was 11 which is late for a girl. Sacrifices had to be made to focus on the yearly Cecchetti exams. It was hard because I was 11 in Grade 1 with eight year olds, so that was really rough at first. But then, when you are older, you move ahead quickly because you have the mind to do it. Cecchetti training gave me the ability to do anything in any style.”  (RIC)

Ms. Leebolt is a Premier Dancer with Northern Ballet in England, trained in the Cecchetti Method at the Black Mountain Dance Centre in San Diego with Sylvia Palmer.In 2010, Ms. Leebolt was awarded “Outstanding Female Dancer (Classical)” in Great Britain and the next year was listed by Dance Europe as the 3rd best dancer in the world of the 100 Best Dancers in 2011. Recently, Martha was featured on the cover of Dance Europe.

Megan Pulfer

“My Cecchetti training was one of the best things I learned growing up. Cecchetti not only embedded a wonderfully strong and clean technique into my body but also taught me discipline and dedication. I’m incredibly fortunate to have had teachers who taught me this highly respected technique. It’s so important to get your teachnique refined when you’re young and not have to struggle with it later. The best part is your technique will alwyas be there for you when you go back to the basics. Being a professional dancer now, I will always have my technique to rely on so everything else is just icing on the cake.”   (RIC)

Megan Pulfer received her Cecchetti Training at Huntington Academy of Dance under the direction of Marnell Himes-Ushijima. She continued her dance training at North Carolina School of the Arts. She has danced professionally with Cedar Lake 2, Missouri Contemporary Ballet and Kamea Dance Company, Israel.

Brittany Benington

“My Cecchetti training was a critical element in my ballet education growing up. Cecchetti gave me clean classical technique that was embedded at a young age. Additionally, preparing for my Cecchetti exams taught me to work toward my goals with both discipline and commitment. The technique gained from my Cecchetti training allowed me to successfully go on and dance professionally while adapting to various styles.”   (RIC)

Brittany Benington recieved her Cecchetti training under the tutelage of Judith Hawkesworth and Marnell Himes-Ushijima at Huntington Academy of Dance in Huntington Beach. She has performed with Los Angeles Ballet, Ballet Tucson and Madison Ballet. She has also danced in television (House), and film (Curious Case of Benjamin Button).

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