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2016 Scholarship Winners

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Cecchetti USA holds Regional Workshops throughout the year.  

Students attending a Regional Workshop, who are Ballet Scholar members of Cecchetti USA and 11 years of age or above, are eligible to receive a $200.00 tuition scholarship to the annual Cecchetti USA Residential Summer Course.

Students attending a Workshop, who are Ballet Scholar members of Cecchetti USA and under 11 years of age, are eligible to receive a $45 tuition scholarship to any future CUSA Workshop.

Scholarships are awarded based on enthusiasm, motivation and work ethic. Recipients must have attended the full day of Workshop classes.

2016 Residential Summer Course Tuition, Room and Meals Scholarship recipient for male dancer
David Burn, Teacher, Jennifer Forcucci-Marzluf

2016 Residential Summer CourseTuition Scholarship recipients for male dancers
David Henry, Teacher, Lara Ciganko
Carin Ross, Teacher, Lara Ciganko
Christopher Carmona, Teacher, Denise Rinaldi
Benjamin Watkins, Teacher, Denise Rinaldi
Samuel Fiorino, Teachers, Sylvia Palmer and Suzan Stone
Michael Menzer, Teachers, Sylvia Palmer and Suzan Stone

2016 $200 RSC Scholarship Recipients
Dora Marcella, Teacher, Claylee Stewart
Faith Fackiner, Teacher, Jennifer Forcucci-Marzluf
Lauren Kim, Teacher, Jennifer Forcucci-Marzluf

2016 $45 Regional Workshop Scholarship Recipients
Eliza Crumley, Teacher, Claylee Stewart
Lilly Anne Martin, Teacher, Jennifer Forcucci-Marzluf
Lyla Davey, Teacher, Kimberly McEachern

2016 Tuition  Scholarship recipients to the 2018 CUSA Residential Summer Course
Venezia Garza, Teacher, Debbi Miller
Runner Up
Isabella Baklayan, Teacher, Kimberly McEachern

2016 $1000 Scholarship to the 2017 Summer Course in Florence, Italy
Valerie Garcia, Teachers, Claylee and Vanessa Stewart
Runner Up
Lydia Marzluf, Teacher, Jennifer Forcucci-Marzluf







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Article in Dance Studio Life Magazine

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The January 2010 issue of Dance Studio Life magazine featured an article titled “Class a la Cecchetti”.  Here is an excerpt, “Cecchetti training is respected all over the world. George Balanchine would occasionally ask his dancers at New York City Ballet—during a Wednesday class, for example—“What were Cecchetti’s Wednesday steps? Let’s do them today!” Even Merce Cunningham—once a student of Margaret Craske, who studied under Cecchetti—wove Cecchetti patterns into his modern-dance choreography, says Pamela Moore, director of the National Ballet School and Company in Crofton, Maryland.”  To read the full article, click here. USA USA trip planner

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