2017 CUSA Competition Audition Information

June 1, 2016

Dear Cecchetti USA Members,

We are pleased to announce that Danzare Cecchetti ANCEC will be hosting the 5th Cecchetti International Classical Ballet (CICB) Competition, to be held July 31 – August 6, 2017 in Florence, Italy.

Cecchetti USA is seeking exemplary dancers to audition to be selected for “Team CUSA” at this prestigious event. The candidate requirements are as follows:

Candidate must be prepared to assume the financial obligations required in order to attend the competition

Potential scholarship opportunities will be announced at a later date

Junior Candidate must be minimum age 14 and maximum age 16 at commencement of competition and must have successfully passed the Grade 8 or above exam by January 15, 2017

Senior Candidate must be minimum age 17 and maximum age 20 at commencement of competition and must have successfully passed the Grade 9 or above exam by January 15, 2017


Candidate must be a student of a CUSA member in good standing and a non-professional dancer

Candidate selected for Team CUSA must be accompanied by a coach throughout the competition

The CUSA candidate should submit three copies of a DVD that includes:

o An introduction by the student announcing their name, current age, the variation or piece being danced and the choreographer

o A classical variation from the list of approved CICB variations, performed in a practice tutu or romantic skirt (as appropriate), on a bare stage or in an empty studio

o A contemporary piece (neoclassical, contemporary or modern genre) not to exceed 3 minutes, performed in appropriate contemporary class attire

DVD’s must be clearly marked with the above information

DVD’s must be accompanied by the application, a headshot and a photocopy of candidate’s Grade 8, 9 or above certificate


If selected, both the classical and contemporary pieces presented in the audition video must be the same solos shown at the 2017 competition

Please send DVD’s, applications, headshots and photocopies postmarked by January 15, 2017 to:

Betty Seibert, 328 Industrial Avenue, Cheshire, CT 06410 

Competitor Information, including approved variations, is available online at: cecchettiusa.org

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Denise Rinaldi 7199 Tuolumne Drive Goleta CA 93101 Phone 805 636 9444 EMAIL director@cecchettiusa.org

To download a copy of the 2017 Competition Audition Application:

2017 Competition Audition Application Form

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