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Dear Members of Cecchetti USA,

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the establishment of the Cecchetti USA Ambassador Scholarship Award. As you may be aware, a scholarship fund was created in honor of Olga Fricker and Shiela Darby in order to assist members of our organization who are pursuing Licentiate and Fellowship qualifications. Previously, these funds have enabled recipients to attend specific teacher courses towards preparing for these qualifying examinations. The scholarship money was also available to assist candidates with travel expenses in order to take these qualifying examinations, particularly when traveling overseas was required for that purpose.

Now, we are enlarging the original intentions of the scholarship to provide opportunities for qualified CUSA members to attend Cecchetti summer study programs offered by other CICB organizations, representing CUSA as Ambassadors. The intent is to connect with people from other Cecchetti organizations while enhancing the teacher’s individual training by studying with different master teachers. As each organization sets its own criteria for teachers’ qualifications, participation will not lead to any specific examination, but rather will broaden the recipient’s knowledge of the Cecchetti work and its applications, thereby becoming an enrichment program for our ambassador.

The candidate may choose to attend the summer program offered through either Cecchetti Council of America, Cecchetti Society of Canada or Cecchetti Society, UK.  CUSA will pay the recipient’s complete tuition to a specified course. In addition, CUSA will pay for the recipient’s housing and meal package offered by the hosting organization, affording the recipient the opportunity to socialize with other participants. A travel stipend up to $1,000.00 is included when the recipient provides receipts for air travel and mileage for land travel.

Attached you will find the specifications for this scholarship and an application form. The Board of Directors initiated the CUSA Ambassador Scholarship Award in 2016 as an annual opportunity to send one of our members to represent CUSA at international training courses. While helping an individual to advance their own studies, we hope to develop stronger relationships within the wider CICB community, thereby advancing our common goals to preserve, perpetuate, and promote the teachings of Maestro Enrico Cecchetti.

2018 Ambassador Scholarship Criteria

2018 Ambassador Application Form


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